About Us

The LWHCSS was started for London steampunks, although we have now widened the area to cover the Home Counties. We were aware of the League of Esssexstraordinary Gentlemen, and didn't want to tread on their "turf" with another East London group, so we have concentrated towards the west. We plan to be holding regular meetups, outings and other shenannigans (once a month or so). Like I said, we're a new group (only about 5 months old) we have began to establish ourselves. The primary aims of the group are to have loads of silly fun in very nice places and to be more of a central base for London Steampunks with more local meetups.

The LWHCSS is not for profit. We are a group of likeminded individuals who like to get together occasionally.

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Brass Goggles too.


 Joining the LWHCSS

 There is no charge for membership to the WLHCSS and we welcome anyone who wishes to join, whether they're so Steampunk that they need winding up every six hours or are just curious to find out what it's about, whether they live in London or not. As a rule of thumb, any meets that we do have will be open to anyone who wants to tag along regardless of "group membership" or not, although by joining the group, you get to find out what's going on as and when. Also, if we do hold an event whereby we must charge an entry fee, Tickets will be offered to members first and at a reduced rate.

Of course, we don't charge an annual subscription, however, some of the venues we visit may charge an entry fee. Where possible we will try to negotiate discounts as a group.

Joining is something of a redundancy. You can join our Facebook group for up-to-date information. The link below will take you there. We don't have a membership structure as such.
Please note that to join the Facebook Group, you do need to "request to join". You WILL be added. We just don't know how to make it open!


Ben Henderson - AKA "Cubinoid"
Stephen T. McDonough - AKA "Professor Pomp Von Grumbleflick"
David Topgood - AKA "Professor Oilcan"
Willoughby Chase - AKA "The Major".

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